Originele Duitse review:
Mike Borrink (Eclipsed Magazine)

Vertaling door Timo Schakau

Where does the journey end? Indeed a legitimate question because the second album of the Barstool Philosophers can be evaluated justifiably so as an album in between, although it combines again the operetta sound of Saga, the neoprog elements of the modern Pendragon or current IQ with modest heavy-vibes. But with this the Dutchmen lapse at no point into extremes, pathos, hardness, atmosphere, everythings works well dosed and balanced, even though the stylistic breaks with the four entirely different (female) singers are turning out strikingly. Highlights are amongst others the great Floyd/Gilmour-homage “The Scent” and the dark-spherical “The Space In Between”.

Are The Barstool Philosophers only a project these days? Not at all, as especially the souly-bluesy voice of the 53 years old Peter van Asselt (vocally a little bit related to Roger Chapman), ringing out in three songs on “Crossing Over”, has convinced the band in such way that it has been decided to follow a common path henceforth. “‘Till We Meet Again” they say at the end. I’d be glad to!

Top-Track: The Space In Between

8,5 van de 10 punten